The Pros & Cons Of E Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have enjoyed a phenomenal rise in their popularity over the last decade or so, but as with most things in life the world of vaping especially when compared to conventional tobacco smoking brings with it both advantages and disadvantages – but do the pros outweigh the cons?

Let us start with the cons one of which is the relatively short time that vaping devices have been on the scene – because of their young existence it means little is known about them. Research is taking place but some of this might take years to properly conduct and there are those who argue that vaping carries risks of the unknown kind.

Another con is that vaping is often wrongly advertised as the healthy alternative to old school tobacco smoking or as a device to quit smoking. Both of these statements are not quite right however the use of electronic cigarettes can accurately be described as healthier. The stimulant nicotine which gives the brain that familiar buzz is still present with e-cigs, however with most brands offering different strength variations the good news is that the user can slowly reduce their intake until selecting the nicotine free version. Vaping is certainly seen as the future of smoking but with a growing number of young people starting to vape to look cool without ever having smoked traditionally is certainly a deeply undesirable con.

Another negative note is that there is a more expensive outlay at the start that is required to get vaping with the user required to fork out for a starter kit however this soon turns into a positive as they make great savings over the long run. There is another current con which might actually turn into a pro which is the fact that e-cigs are not yet properly regulated, however legislation if it is the right sort will be welcomed.

One of the biggest pros of switching to e-cigs is actually that they have got rid of most of the cons associated with the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Not only do they improve social perception with no nasty smells or stains to worry about, but also the thousands of highly dangerous chemical compounds – several of which cause cancer – created by the burning of tobacco is dispersed with. With so many adverse effects that these chemicals have on the body which all makes for incredibly grim reading, the significance of this pro for the use of e-cigs cannot be understated.